It'S sophisticated
It'S TRUE TO the sport
It'S FOR the discerning equestrian ENTREPRENEUR  

We believe in the equine athlete. 
We believe in early horse show mornings. 
We believe in making a business out of a lifestyle. 

We believe in soft noses. 
We believe in working tirelessly in something we are passionate about.
We believe in jam-packed weekends and slower Monday's.

We believe in a barn family & the team who makes it all possible.
We believe in supporting your equine entrepreneur dreams, and we are ready to take your unique talents to the next level. 




So what do we do? So glad you asked! Mipsy is a boutique marketing agency dedicated to creating a captivating & industry-leading brand for your equestrian business along with a strategy for managing it as it takes off- because we just know it will! :) Whether you are looking for a comprehensive experience or just a little help in a single area, we are ready to give you that leg up. 

Social Media Management


Photography & Videography





we love


We love horses
and we love horse people

We set up jumps in the front yard, we spent Friday nights scrubbing saddles and boots before a horse show, and yah maybe we even had ribbons hanging from a set of reins in our rooms growing up. So it's only natural that we create a space that keeps the fun going. We love working hard for our clients- we believe in answering the phone and going the extra mile- but just as important we believe in being nice. Through supporting our clients in all ways, Mipsy believes in fostering growth beyond just making beautiful art. 

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